​Autumn Zwakenberg, B.S.


Hi everybody! My name is Autumn, and I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Clinical Psychology from Western Kentucky University this past spring. I am currently pursuing my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology at Western. I plan on continuing my education with a doctoral clinical psychology program. My research interests are primarily posttraumatic stress disorder, and trauma – specifically, I am interested in researching childhood sexual abuse. In addition to conducting research, I also have interests in being a therapist and a professor in the future.


ReAunna Puskac, B.S.


I am in WKU’s Master’s program for Clinical Psychology. When I graduate, I want to work for a year as a psychological assistant to gain more experience. Then, I want to get my PsyD. I would like to do therapy and assessment in my career! I am interested in evidence-based treatments for common mental disorders. I would also like to learn more about treatments for trauma. I am interested in working with all ages and demographics. Ideally, I would like to do pro bono work in other countries!


Myron Gilmore, B.A.


I enrolled in the Master`s Clinical Psychology program at WKU in 2109. While enrolled in the Clinical Psychology program at WKU, I have obtained a wealth of knowledge. I have learned how to administer assessments, conduct intake interviews, write reports, and provide client psychotherapy. I am currently in my last year in the master`s program and look forward to entering a Clinical Psychology doctoral program. I am interested in research that focuses on forensics (e.g., false memory) and neurocognitive (mTBI). When I am not studying and practicing the skills I have learned, I enjoy fishing, spending time with family, watching television, and writing poetry.


Gracie Vanderpool


I’m a student at the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science at Western Kentucky University and plan on majoring in neuropsychology when I graduate high school. I’m very interested in abnormal psychology and neuro-divergency and I would love to conduct my own research on those topics in the future. Though I haven’t decided exactly what I want to focus on, my long-term goal is to graduate from a doctoral program and go into a pediatric-neuropsychological field. 


Jacob Harris


I am a first-year student at the Gatton Academy. Once I finish my time at Gatton, I wish to go into a MD/PhD program and study neurology. I am particularly interested in studying brain disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and Alzheimer's Disease. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, reading my Bible, and attending the BCM on WKU's campus.


Haven Romero


I ama junior at the Gatton Academy of Mathematics and Science at WKU. My interests lie in neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy, especially how those fields merge when it comes to certain mental disorders, specifically psychotic and anxiety disorders. I am also greatly interested in determining which side of the nature vs nurture affects the development of certain mental disorders the most. I aspire to become a physician and hopefully specialize in the field of psychiatry.

Emilee Payne


Hello, my name is Emilee Payne and I am a senior at Western Kentucky University. I will be graduating in 2021 with a BA in Psychology. After graduation, I plan to pursue a master’s degree in clinical and counseling psychology. After my master’s degree, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology. My interests in the psychological field include abnormal psychology as well as personality psychology. My interest in psychology is very broad and I am open to studying a variety of different subjects. Though I have not quite decided what my occupation will be, I am interested in potentially working as a therapist with a concentration in mood disorders, anxiety, and depression.