Available Positions

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We are currently looking for research assistants. RAs will learn basic laboratory skills, collect neurophysiological, behavioral, and survey data, run participants according to the study protocol, analyze data, and complete other lab-related tasks. This position is suitable for motivated students who plan to apply for graduate school in clinical science (e.g., clinical/counseling psychology and social work), psychology, neuroscience, or medical school.

​The qualifications include:

     - 6-month commitment

     - GPA 3.0 or above

     - Availability to maintain a minimum of 6-hours weekly workload

To apply for this position, send the following documents to Dr. Sungjin Im (sungjin.im@wku.edu):

     - A brief email that provides an introduction of yourself and

       describes the reason for applying for this position and your

       learning/career goals