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Welcome to Translational Neuroscience Laboratory (TNL). We study trauma, mindfulness, neurofeedback, and the mind-body connection in individuals with mental disorders.

The current focus of our lab is on :

     - how trauma exposure affects human systems (e.g., neural, physiological, behavioral, cognitive, and emotional)

     - how to apply neurofeedback in order to modulate brain activities and reduce trauma-related symptomatology

     - how mindfulness-based interventions benefit individuals with psychological disorders

     Specifically, we use a wide range of neurophysiological (e.g., electroencephalography, electrocardiography, electrodermal activity, electromyography, and impedance cardiography), behavioral (e.g., cognitive tasks), and survey measurements and pursue converging evidence for how trauma and addiction affect discrete but closely interconnected human systems (e.g., neural, autonomic, cognitive, affective, and behavioral).


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